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  • SMBU10011.1
SAMBA+ AIX is the leading SMB software provided by SerNet for IBM's Unix named AIX. We have... more
Product information "SAMBA+ AIX"

SAMBA+ AIX is the leading SMB software provided by SerNet for IBM's Unix named AIX. We have compiled a list of the key benefits of our software that you should definitely check out: If you wish, we can provide you with a 30-day trial version - feel free to contact us by email at!

The subscriptions are managed via the Open Source subscription management system OPOSSO at

Up to 5 servers/LPAR for 1 to 3 years: 

Software subscription independent of the number of CPUs.
The subscription starts after activation via the portal
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Extent of the subscription includes all Samba packages for the supported operating systems provided by SerNet with following features

  • Samba server as member in an Active Directory domain
  • up-to-date protocoll version SMB3 
  • many bugfix releases and security fix releases
  • high flexibility for installation and administration
  • no third party library dependencies or other software dependencies
  • GPFS Support (beta)
  • Tivoli Storage Manager Support

Supported platforms:

  • AIX 7.x

Compared to other packages available in the network, SAMBA+ AIX offers further advantages:

  • built with the native IBM compiler instead of "gcc"
  • built on and for AIX 7.x (packages built for AIX 6 may have compatibility issues)
  • reliable winbind functionality, even for modern Active Directory domains
  • minimal dependencies to other AIX packages

Support & Consulting for SAMBA+
Please note that no support is included in the software subscription. If you find a bug in our software, please send us a mail and we will take care of it as soon as possible and of course without charge. For all other questions regarding SAMBA+, i.e. configuration, installation, planning or operation of the software, contact us via email at or buy one of our SAMBA+ support budgets right here in our shop!